The roadmap :

This study highlights all your acquired, innate and karmic potential that you can fully exploit at the level of your energies, in the sector or sectors available to you, to find the direction of life to follow, to allow you to position yourself in your true place, at the personal and professional levels, and this in total agreement with yourself, and in line with your destiny on all levels.

The roadmap makes it possible to indicate how to realize oneself at the level of one's deep being and to orient oneself towards one's true path, which passes through a harmonious realization on all levels of life.
The study is offered to you in PDF format of about 8 to 10 pages, or you can after reading ask me the questions you want by email.

Price study 79 + questions by email :

The deadline for carrying out your study is one month

Contents of the roadmap:

The study is approached under a uniquely positive and evolutionary aspect, it is based on two methods of analysis, with a single first name (usual first name) and with all first names.

The acquired, innate and karmic potential
How to understand, discover and use your deep desires and those of your soul.
What drives you to act and how to use it
The capacities of realization and the gifts at your disposal
The different sectors and areas of personal and professional achievement
How to use your full potential
What type of destiny has been assigned to you and how to approach it
The dominant energies of your chart
How to realize yourself and in what way
Mission and goal to achieve
Evolution of your current and future cycles, how to approach them
How to use the potential available to you during the cycles of destiny.
Development of the roadmap in conversation or by email depending on your choice of study.
What I need for the study of your roadmap,

Your full identity as listed on your marital status, your date of birth, your nickname if you have one, and a brief description of your situation and your expectations for this study, by email, using the site contact.