* The software is in digital format and will not be returned or refunded.

Software of Numérology :

Price : 90€

*Sending by email within 48 hours + the 17 PDF files of interpretations
* The software is in digital format and will not be returned or refunded.

Prerequisites and compatibilities (important) :

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11, and MacOS in the latest versions
A display resolution of 1920 by 1080, highly recommended
Excel 2016 at least
Compatible with PC, MAC, laptops and ultraportables, MacBooks
Not compatible with tablets, smartphones, IOS and Android systems, or Chrome Book computers
Reduced compatibility with the alternative programs Open Office and Libre Office, so no support at this level

Software colors and tooltips are customizable
The interpretations, are provided and sent by email, at the same time as the software
The program only performs calculations, not analyzes or general summaries of a theme.
An explanation video is available directly on my YouTube channel in French
Explanatory tooltips are present throughout the software to help you
The program is made in Excel, from the 2016 version at least, it is not autonomous, and therefore requires the Excel 2016 program, to function correctly.
The support does not take into account any other program equivalent to Excel, for reasons of compatibility and time.
The program is compatible on Windows systems, 7, 8, 10 and 11, as well as on MacOs recent versions.
The recommended screen display resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels, because the program can be displayed in full screen, and contains a lot of information.
The program integrates information bubbles on mouseover.
The program offers a pleasant and colorful visual.
For any questions about the program and its operation, email support is available.

* As the software is in digital format, it will not be taken back or refunded.
** Program under copyright and copyright protected, resale and copying prohibited
*** This software has been tested with Libre Office and Open Office, the compatibility being only partial, therefore no technical support will be provided, if you use either of these software or spreadsheets, you remain solely responsible for software malfunctions.

Program features :

The program calculates more than 50 parameters necessary for the elaboration of the natal and annual chart.

Birth chart, personality, life path :

The active number
The number of inheritance
The number of expressions
The spiritual momentum
The intimate self or number of realization
The cosmic or life number
spiritual initiation
The prenatal number
The day of birth
The month of birth
year of birth
The birthday challenge
The birthday gift
Vertical Life Path Calculator
Horizontal life path calculation
The program calculates the sub-numbers, and therefore shows the master numbers and the karmic debts.

The cycles and the annual theme :

The life path, the three calculation methods
The day of birth
The month of birth
year of birth
Life Path Challenges: Minor Challenge 1, Minor Challenge 2, Major Challenge, and Complementary Challenge
The annual evolution key
The annual challenge
The number of major force or achievement
The complementary purpose of life and how to get there
The three mood cycles
The four cycles of achievements
The universal year
personal year
The Annual Essence of the Personal Year
Shows the age of the subject
The mystery of age
The annual Transit Magi
Passing Letters Module
Astronumerological house chart included
The three annual cycles
The four annual performance cycles
personal months
The program calculates the sub-numbers, and therefore automatically shows the master numbers and the karmic debts.

The inclusion grid :

Calculation of the classic inclusion grid in horizontal form
Calculation of the inclusion grid as a square or magic square
Simultaneous calculation of the classic horizontal inclusion grid and magic square
Horizontal inclusion automatically calculates the three main axes of life, in addition to the data from the quantitative and qualitative inclusion grid.
The inclusion in square or magic square shows the eight axes of life, with informative bubbles, in addition to the data of the quantitative and qualitative inclusion grid.
Simultaneous calculation of the theoretical evolution inclusion grid in horizontal form.
The evolutionary inclusion grid offers three levels of possible evolution

Personal days module :

Calculates and displays personal days for each month and projected over twelve months
Allows you to calculate and display personal days in projection for future years
Calculates and displays personal months with sub-numbers and with reduction
Calculates and displays personal weeks
Calculates and displays the personal year in progress and in projection for the following years
Calculates and displays the current and projected universal year for the following years
Calculates and displays the universal and projected months for the following years
Displays calendar months and universal year
Calculate the life path in vertical method
Are provided in PDF format, interpretations of personal days, reduced and with sub-numbers, interpretations of personal months and personal weeks.